RA.198 Scuba vs SCB – 2010.03.15

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RA.198 Scuba vs SCB – 2010.03.15

Postprzez Rez 19 kwi 2010, 22:23

Nawziozujac do tematu z dzialu albumy, swietne granie od Scuby. Calosc trzyma bardzo wysoki poziom. Polecam.

The Hotflush Recordings boss dons his dubstep and techno hats for the RA podcast.

Paul Rose is one of the most influential figures in the world of dubstep. As label head of Hotflush Recordings, he's helped release work from Benga, Shackleton and, of course, Joy Orbison and his RA #1 single of 2009, "Hyph Mngo." Events-wise, he's one of the masterminds behind Sub:stance, a night that has brought the likes of Mala, D-Bridge, Scion and Kode9 to Berlin's Berghain. And, under the Scuba name, he's produced two full-lengths of remarkably diverse work that reflect his wide-ranging taste and machine mastery.

The forthcoming Triangulation album showcases Scuba's talent for all things bass-oriented. But his recently birthed SCB moniker has reflected another huge interest of Rose's, that of the four-four variety. Described recently as "Balearic techno with a rainy soul" by RA's Max Bacharach, Rose's SCB project has the same focus on emotional body music. It's simply filtered through a different tempo. On his RA podcast, you'll get to hear both, as Rose takes us through the world of Scuba and SCB in what seems like a very short 83 minutes.

01. DJ Rum - St Martin [dub]
02. FaltyDL - Because You [forthcoming Planet Mu]
03. George Fitzgerald - Weakness [forthcoming Hotflush]
04. Ation - Missing You [dub]
05. V.I.V.E.K. - Strategy [dub]
06. Ramadanman - No Swing [forthcoming Hessle Audio]
07. Headhunter - Ginneys [dub]
08. Nocturnal Sunshine - Can't Hide the Way I Feel [dub]
09. The Black Dog - Floods (Surgeon remix) [Soma]
10. Cluekid - Sector 9 [forthcoming Sin City]
11. Bad Autopsy - Psionic Terror [dub]
12. Nocturnal Sunshine - Feline [dub]
13. Addison Groove - Footcrab [Swamp 81]
14. Sepalcure - The Warning [forthcoming Hotflush]
15. Sigha - Ratio [dub]
16. Paul Brtschitsch - Doriana (Phil Campbell remix) [Rootknox]
17. Sigha - Shake [forthcoming Hotflush]
18. Scuba - Hard Boiled (SCB >> VIP mix) [dub]
19. Marcel Dettmann - Vertigo (Wincent Kunth remix) [Ostgut Ton]
20. A Made Up Sound - Crisis [forthcoming A Made up Sound]
21. SCB - 3_5 [SCB]
22. Terence Fixmer - Electric City (Function remix) [Electric Deluxe]
23. Mount Kimbie - Vertical (SCB edit) [forthcoming Hotflush]

http://hotfile.com/dl/33712079/a8f62ef/ ... t.mp3.html
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Re: RA.198 Scuba vs SCB – 2010.03.15

Postprzez Optik 19 kwi 2010, 22:27

no bardzo fajny mix. zainteresowanym moge polecić jeszcze kompilacje Sub:stance zmiksowanej dla ostgut ton własnie przez Scube.
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Re: RA.198 Scuba vs SCB – 2010.03.15

Postprzez paauli_83 20 kwi 2010, 12:38

Po albumie Scuby ten mix z ciekawością przesłucham :) edit po zapoznaniu się z nim :D
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