CM001 | Dave Gluskin – Circle - Out now on Beatport!

Powrót do Breakbeat / DnB / Dubstep

CM001 | Dave Gluskin – Circle - Out now on Beatport!

Postprzez harmonydance 15 lip 2014, 21:26

Cognitive Music is proud to bring you our first release, Dave Gluskin – Circle, out now exclusively on Beatport!

Circle, the first release on new dance imprint Cognitive Music, is a deep, vocal driven breakbeat track by up and coming producer Dave Gluskin. The original track blends deep melodic elements with textured vocals and driving breakbeats, building to a blissful gated vocal pleading to her lover for inclusion, begging to find a way to break into their circle. The lush pads and beautiful chord progression, coupled with Dave’s signature vocal work, help to convey the deep desire that is ever present in the vocal and give the track both heartfelt depth and dance floor sensibility, with a driving bassline and aggressive breakbeat constantly pushing the track forward. A rhodes organ and orchestral elements add to the drama of the track, while giving it a bit of an organic feel.

Includes original mix & remixes by Colombo, DJ D-Xtreme, Stylus & DJ Rob-E.

With support from Retroid, Far Too Loud, Lee Coombs, Dustin Hulton, Anton Veter, Chris Voro, Trukers, Se7en Deadly Breaks, Under This, Destroyers, Kid Panel, Rasco, Macho, Miss Mants, Chevy One, Billy Onions, Ptinium, Fastbinder, Jayson Butera and many more!



CM001 | Dave Gluskin – Circle

Dave Gluskin – Circle (Original Mix) ... ix/5589465

Dave Gluskin – Circle (Colombo Remix) ... ix/5589466

Dave Gluskin – Circle (DJ D-Xtreme Remix) ... ix/5589467

Dave Gluskin – Circle (Stylus Remix) ... ix/5589468

Dave Gluskin – Circle (DJ Rob-E Remix) ... ix/5589469

Powrót do Breakbeat / DnB / Dubstep

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