CM009 | Colombo - Brightness "Out Now"

Powrót do Breakbeat / DnB / Dubstep

CM009 | Colombo - Brightness "Out Now"

Postprzez harmonydance 16 gru 2014, 17:20

Brightness, a new production from Spanish producer Colombo, is the latest release on Cognitive Music and it’s a massive nu-skool breaks track. It all starts with a bouncey breakbeat as a filtered, disco-esque guitar line cranks up the funkiness. The filtered guitar heads to a break and into the track’s first drop, which comes storming at us with a huge complextro line. Vocal snippets, 8-bit sounds, and a catchy driving arp lead us to the song’s big breakdown. Here, the arp takes over, added to some piercing stabs and deep swelling bassline, the song builds and builds until the drop, bring all the elements back together to blow the roof off. An amazing track start to finish, full of energy and guaranteed to appeal to breakbeat fans of all tastes.


Support from Anton Veter, Aquasky, Billy Onions, Chris Voro, Dave Gluskin, DJ D-Xtreme, Ed Solo, Fastbinder, Funkin Family Music, Jayson Butera, Jdub, Joachim Garraud, Kid Panel, KL2, Lady Waks, Llupa, MartOpetEr, Miss Mants, Monomotion, Ptinium, Rasco, Retroid, Rex Dasteppa, Se7en Deadly Breaks, Trukers, Under This, Wavewhore & more.


CM009 | Colombo - Brightness "Out now on Beatport"

Colombo - Brightness (Original Mix) "Out now on Beatport" ... ix/6063338


Powrót do Breakbeat / DnB / Dubstep

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