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Wighnomy Brothers

Postprzez tymek 08 sty 2009, 9:37


Wighnomy Bros czyli 2 freakow z niemiec - Gabor Schablitzki (Robag Wruhme) i Soeren Bodner (Monkey Maffia). Wg mnie to chyba najbardziej kreatywny duet djsko/producencki na scenie techno. Wystarczy posluchac ich setow zeby odniesc podobne wrazenie. Nie ma dla nich granic, lacza ze soba co sie da. electro, techno, house, hip hop, jazz, ale potrafia przywalic klasykiem w stylu Wonderful World - Luisa Armstronga. Poza tym, a moze przede wszystkim ich muzyka! Ich po prostu trzeba posluchac.

Biografia po angielsku:
www.wighnomy-brothers.de napisał(a):Music is the light of their lives!
Wighnomy Brothers are Robag Wruhme and Monkey Maffi a.
Greetings, friends of the savoury palate. There are more or less three different
stylistic methods concerning food ingestion: 1. orderly consumption; 2. suffering
through some form of diet and; 3. a balanced feast. The Wighnomy Brothers of
Jena have applied the latter, not only to the taking in of nature’s fruitage, but by
applying this also to their daily intake of music. Next is to deftly inform the rest
of the world. Hereby they purloin not only the vinyl classics of others, but keep
to the ultimate aim of keeping their own irons in the forge. The two, tone-artists
junkies Gabor Schablitzki (alias Robag Wruhme) and Soeren Bodner (alias Monkey
Maffi a), react to and revolve around the verbal confrontation. Both tap into you,
starting stealthily as a mere bud in your soul, which eventually conquers your
musical devotion. It all began with blond perms, armbands, striped stretch pants,
heavy (emphasis on heavy) metal and everything that goes with that image. Actually,
that is just a collection of lies told with a sigh and a smile. The two buddies’s
got to know each other in 1988 while break dancing. The way it happens with
some adolescents, the different music styles that passed through their eardrums
started with Hip Hop, early electronica of every colour, ambient, house, techno,
jazz, funk, and even alternative/independent rock. Both soon concluded that the
true sound aesthetic is far away from the instruments; at full blast it is only what
pours out of the grooves in the vinyl. This being the case, the established “Phonothek”
absorbs, selects and then releases product. The fi rst refuge: Gabor stood
in the mid-90’s as “The Chill-Out DJ”, behind the decks on many a relaxing fl oor
of mother earth. In the meantime he played with Herbie Hancock and stood as a
virtuoso in a keyboard shop. In 1996 with Volker Kahl he started the project “Beefcake”.
With his, rather experimental but simultaneously harmonious, electronicadevoted
release he had notched his own international respect. Until 1997, Gabor
& Soeren dashed through the Thuringian club and party scene, and are currently
residents in the renowned Club Kassablanca in Jena. However only since April 97
they are known as the Wighnomy Brothers. Since the founding of the Freude am
Tanzen label, business has steadily improved. Of course, not without the stumbling
blocks and setbacks that happen with marketing mechanisms. However, in
accord with the motto “Stehter Tropfen höhlt den Stein” (words of wisdom which
mean when translated, steady drops will drill a hole in stone), the FAT vehicle
with the Wighnomy Brothers steam engine stays on track. Also, for the last two
years there is the added train car called Musikkrause and, the friendly collaboration
with the Cologne based Kompakt stable must also be mentioned here. The always multifaceted style of the WB’s has been further developed through club
experience, production, and still more fl avour expansion efforts. This all brings a
functional kick with the ever-present view to the thoroughly rocked dance fl oor.
Originally, they were native to deep and traditional house together with Latin, vocal,
and Nujazz fl avouring. The musical spectrum lying between advanced in the
direction of “raving with reason”. Therefore, stirring, intelligent, technotronic,
wide ranging dance music of incalculable worth to body and soul welcomes you.
Everything out of the speakers goes straight to the bones, bringing your blood
to a boil whether minimal, bounce, shuffl ing, break, or jazzed tracks. Both gentlemen
are solo artists: Robag Wruhme (also as producer) and Monkey Maffi a, allowing
(when the “blessed union” is on hiatus) both gentlemen the liberty to give
and receive unique inspirations. This serves the Wighnomy Brothers the benefi t
of bringing fresh impressions to the table when collaborating. Monkey-Soeren is
also the owner of the Fatplastics recordstore in Jena: quite the ideal refuge and
communications platform. Wodka raus, Wighnomy frei!!! (Break out the vodka,
Wighnomy is free!!!)

Od siebie polecam ich kompilacje Metawuffmischfelge. Mimo ze jest zlozona z samych znanych kawalkow, jest tak magiczna ze jest moja ulubiona kompilacja wszechczasow. Recenzja tutaj - http://www.nowamuzyka.pl/recenzje.php/1 ... mischfelge

Wighnomy Brothers - http://www.discogs.com/artist/Wighnomy+Brothers
Robag Wruhme - http://www.discogs.com/artist/Robag+Wruhme

A to co wyprawiaja za djka przyprawia o pojawienie sie banana na twarzy :D sami zobaczcie

Polecam :D
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Re: Wighnomy Brothers

Postprzez sector 08 sty 2009, 23:32

tymek, swietny filmik! Moze i ja sprawdze co prezentuje ten duet o/
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the king of bongo!
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Re: Wighnomy Brothers

Postprzez Freezer 09 sty 2009, 1:04

Nie no, ten filmik mnie rozwala :), a duetu nie znalem wczesniej, wiec sie nie moge wypowiedziec.
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Re: Wighnomy Brothers

Postprzez tymek 09 sty 2009, 7:43

proponuje zaczac od kompilacji Metawuffmischfelge. moze tracklista was zacheci :)

01 Lisa Gerrard - Cometenderness/False - Fed on Youth/Tadeo - Eclipse
02 Tadeo - Eclipse/False - Fed on youth/Mathias Kaden - Rhythma
03 Mathias Kaden - Rhythma/Tadeo - Eclipse/Beckett & Taylor - Let's Smash Up Our Love/Agoria - Les violins ivres
04 Agoria - Les violins ivres
05 Beckett & Taylor - Let's Smash Up Our Love/Agoria - Les violins ivres/Andre Crom - Reiner Wahnsinn/High Tide - Riddim Stick
06 High Tide - Riddim Stick/Beckett & Taylor - Let's Smash Up Our Love/Andre Crom - Reiner Wahnsinn
07 Andre Crom - Reiner Wahnsinn/High Tide - Riddim Stick/Douglas Greed - Fresh and Clean
08 Kadebostan - Caracas Soul/Andre Crom - Reiner Wahnsinn/High Tide - Riddim Stick/Ralph Sliwinski - Thatz in my Brain
09 Ralph Sliwinski - Thatz in my Brain/Kreon & Lemos - Nice Day/Douglas Greed - Fresh and Clean
10 Kreon & Lemos - Nice Day/Douglas Greed - Fresh and Clean/Stefanik & Tasnadi - Doch/Robag Wruhme - Samples
11 Douglas Greed - Fresh and Clean/Alka_Rex - Mugen Vugen/Robag Wruhme - Samples/Stefanik & Tasnadi - Doch
12 Stefanik & Tasnadi - Doch/Alka_Rex - Mugen Vugen/Mathias Kaden - Rhythma/Robag Wruhme - Samples/Dirk Diggler - Remix Part 1 (RobagRMX)/Trentemøller & DJ Tom - An evening with bobi bros
13 Trentemøller & DJ Tom - An evening with bobi bros/Stefanik & Tasnadi - Doch/Dirk Diggler - Remix Part 1 (RobagRMX)/Robag Wruhme - Samples/Mathias Kaden - Rhythma
14 Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft - Psalm/Dirk Diggler - Remix Part 1(RobagRMX)/Stewart Walker - Fernbank 91(RobagRMX)/Kreon & Lemo - Nice Day/ Robag Wruhme - Samples/Mathias Kaden - Rhythma
15 Stewart Walker - Fernbank 91(RobagRMX)/Dirk Diggler - Remix Part 1 (RobagRMX)/Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Nachtexpress/DJ Koze - Mariposa
16 DJ Koze - Mariposa/Stewart Walker - Fernbank 91(RobagRMX)/Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Nachtexpress/Robag Wruhme - Samples
17 Matchiste - Mosca Via/Wighnomy Brothers - My Gloomy Head/Robag Wruhme - Samples/Kreon & Lemos - Nice Day

i wspomniany wyzej filmik z Wonderful World :)
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Re: Wighnomy Brothers

Postprzez totempotem 27 kwi 2009, 13:10

Kompilacja mistrz!
po co teraz, skoro mozna potem

Re: Wighnomy Brothers

Postprzez tymek 02 maja 2009, 16:27

moje modly zostaly wysluchane :D :D

Wighnomy Brothers 20.06 na Festiwalu Sztuki Otwartej w Warszawie :D :D :D

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Re: Wighnomy Brothers

Postprzez totempotem 17 maja 2009, 21:47

Świetna wiadomość. Często słucham Metawuffmischfelge. Warto posłuchać Live.
po co teraz, skoro mozna potem

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