CM005 | Nology feat. Maverick Judson - Here To Stay "Out now"

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CM005 | Nology feat. Maverick Judson - Here To Stay "Out now"

Postprzez harmonydance 31 paź 2014, 13:30

Nology feat. Maverick Judson - Here To Stay, the fifth release from Cognitive Music, is a big room banger featuring huge builds and deep vocals by Maverick Judson.

Nology’s first original on Cognitive starts out with a huge subbed out beat and vocal bits while synths slowly start to build and build. Speakers will quake when the first drop finally hits as the sounds become more crazed while leading to the big vocal break. His beautifully arranged pianos accompany the full vocal by Maverick Judson, whose voice perfectly intertwines with the instrumentation, building to a massive drop sure to leave the crowd gasping for air. The remixes are phenomenal and bring a bit of diversity to this release.

First up, Matt Play brings his talents to Cognitive Music with an ethereal progressive house version that takes this song into the clouds. The remix starts out with some funky percussion, leading to the introduction of the kick and musical aspects and it doesn’t disappoint. Matt brings a sound palette that gives the track a bit of a classic feel, his mix can only be described as uplifting through and through. Very airy yet think, with a beautiful melody and progression that builds against a the backdrop of sounds, once again giving the vocal a beatless environment to breath and express the feelings.

The final remix is by DJ D-Xtreme, who has quickly re-established himself in the breaks scene with several releases in 2014. His reimagining turns the track into a funky yet deep intelligent breakbeat the likes of which we’ve grown to expect from him. Beginning with an amazing driving beat that leads us to an array of textures that elicit feelings of love and positivity, Dj D-Xtreme takes us through phase after phase, each building upon the last until everything is stripped away just leaving the chords and Maverick’s vocals. This mix is a journey and not to be missed by fans of the more musical side of breaks.


CM005 | Nology feat. Maverick Judson - Here To Stay

Nology feat. Maverick Judson - Here To Stay (Original Mix) ... ix/5923191

Nology feat. Maverick Judson - Here To Stay (Matt Play Remix) ... ix/5923193

Nology feat. Maverick Judson - Here To Stay (DJ D-Xtreme Remix) ... ix/5923194


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