Anestetic - Lightways (incl. Simon O'Shine & Stardesign remixes)

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Anestetic - Lightways (incl. Simon O'Shine & Stardesign remixes)

Postprzez mxs 02 kwi 2013, 14:47


Anestetic - Lightways - Original was created many years ago, but never has not been released. In spite of all, Above and Beyond appreciated work by Anestetic, and played Original Mix on Trance Around The World!

This pure classic progressive track has a lot of emotions, which certainly can not be spotted after the first listening - Magical!

Simon O'Shine performed strongly experimental remix, wanting to keep progressive style, while creating something new and without illusions - came out perfectly! As always from Simon!

Another remix is from Stardesign - talented producer as always ambitiously and interesting. The remix retains the structure from Original Mix, but brings many new solutions. If you're a fan of cosmic sounds, you must hear it!

buy it @ beatport
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